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We're excited to share some great news with you! Verizon prepaid is offering a generous activation spiff, refill commission, and residual commission that extends up to 15 months. This promotional bonus has the potential to significantly boost your store's profits , so we strongly encourage you to make the most of it. Simply click below to schedule a conversation and learn more about this incredible offer. Let's seize this opportunity and maximize our earnings!

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Smartphone Plans


Instant Comp
Month 2-15 $700

$45 15GB

Instant Comp
Month 2-15 $900

$50 UNL

Instant Comp
Month 2-15 $1000

$60UNL + 5GB UWB

Instant Comp
Month 2-15 $1200

Multi Month & Data Only Plan


2 Mo Instant Comp
3 Mo Instant Comp


Instant Comp
Month 2-15
$8 00


Instant Comp
Month 2-15


Instant Comp
Month 2-15


Instant Comp
Month 2-15
Save Customers $30/mo.when you add a hotspot to any account.


Instant Comp $400
Months 2-15 $200


Instant Comp $1200
Months 2-15 $600


Instant Comp $2000
Month 2-15 $1000


Instant Comp $2800
Months 2-15 $1400


residual (month 2-15) 10%

epay Compensation. Chargebacks will apply to the activation instant comp in connection with any activation that does not install with usage on the Verizon network. Months 2 – 15 commission is based on the combined airtime refill margin earned from in-store refills only, and residual earned for all subscribers you originate that refill prior to expiration of their monthly bill cycle. Residual payments will apply to any refills made via Autopay or at any other source. Residual will be paid on all qualified lines that maintain active service with Verizon from months 2 - 15.

This document is epay confidential and proprietary. Unauthorized disclosure, reproduction, or other use is strictly prohibited.